Monday, June 3, 2013

Gillio Firenze Planner Inserts

My medium croco blue Compagne planner from Gillio Firenze came with a full set of inserts.  I did a first impressions review of the planner here but also wanted to show the inserts.  Let's take a look at them.

Warning:  this post is picture-heavy.  To enlarge a photo, simply click on it.

The inserts are all a cotton cream color which I think are much nicer than white.  The paper feels nice and smooth.

The planner comes with three sets of dividers.

Set 1 - Diary, Addresses, Memo, Planner

Notice the numbers on some of the tabs.  They match some of the
insert pages.

Set 2 - Contacts, Projects, Goals, Notes, Expenses

Set 3 - A-Z tabs

Along with the dividers it comes with:

A thick flyleaf.

A personal information page and an "at-a-glance" calendar.

Three months on a page for 2013.

Diary pages for the current year.

Week on two pages.  Begins at 9 am and ends at 6 pm.  It uses
military (24-hour) time.  Sunday is marked in red.

Three months on a page for 2014.

Address pages to go with the A-Z tabs.  The pages match the tabs so you can choose to write directly on the tab pages.

Memo pages.  The number on the top corresponds with the number on the divider tabs.

Appointments pages.  I'm not sure of the best way to use these as I normally write my appointments in my diary pages.  These could be used instead of the diary pages as day on a page.

Contacts.  These could be used to separate contacts...sheets for professional contacts, personal contacts, doctors, etc.

Projects (front)/Program (back) pages.

I really like this page.  I think I'm going
to add these to my set-up.
Sorry about the color.  Realized that
I had forgotten to take this picture.
This was taken indoors.


Lined Notes paper.

Graph Notes paper.


Now a closer look at the top tabs.  Some of them have things printed on them -

The Diary and the Addresses tab.

The front of the Diary tab has January - June
The front of the Addresses tab has international dialing codes info.

The back of the Addresses tab and the Memo tab.

The back of the Addresses tab has direct dialing codes.

The side tabs (Contacts, Projects, etc) have the dot grid like the one on the Memo tab (see above).

After the dividers is the world map.

Sheet protector.

They've added ring reinforcements and tab stickers.
Business card holder.

And the last insert...Envelope.

There is no "Today" page marker for the diary pages.  I'm guessing that may be because the diary pages have a perforated corner that you can tear off as each week ends.

I did a test on one of the pages to see how well the pages take ink.

Here we go!

Pens -

Apparently I temporarily forgot how to spell fiber...

The paper didn't seem to like the felt/fiber tip pen.

The back -

Not so bad!  The only real issue is with the felt tip pen's ink.

And how about highlighter?

It takes highlighter well.

And my last test was using stamps.  There are a couple that I've started using regularly.

The self-inking stamps bled through, slightly to the other side of the paper.  Although it didn't bleed completely through, it is still visible.

Overall the paper is very nice!  I wouldn't hesitate to use fountain pens with it but I'd probably stay clear of felt-tip pens and stamps.

I like the variety of inserts and the fact that there are both top and side tabs.  I also like that the inserts are a cream color.


  1. Nice to have cream against the blue. It reminds me of the insert in PS Swirl. Look forward to seeing how you set it up and which pages you mix and match.

    1. It is a nice contrast. I've been taking my time at re-evaluating my set-up and have moved several things out. I keep going through each page in my if inspiration will hit me after the hundredth time of flipping through each page.

  2. It looks lovely. Is there a gap on the bottom ring? I can't wait to see how you set it up.

    1. Wow! Eagle eyes! I just took a closer look and there is a slight gap on the bottom ring. :-(.

  3. I got a clear plastic today marker (with cm and inches on there) with my fuchsia Gillio - they must have forgotten yours...
    Everything else is the same ;)

    1. Hmmm. Mystery solved. Thanks for letting me know. Good thing I decided to try using my planner without a today marker and instead am now using one of the OliClip magnetic paperclips.

  4. Hiya!!! So my mystery planner that was made by Minobossi for a Las Vegas Casino in 1996 has Gillio Inserts (they dont actually say Gillio but Firenze printed in Italy)! They are almost identical to your photos! Thank you so much for sharing!


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